480 Legend Series Digital Weight Indicator


Advance to Rice Lake’s Legend Series—classic Rice Lake quality and design with new ideas for tomorrow. As the flagship of Rice Lake’s Legend Series, the 480 digital weight indicator has been perfected to provide the very best in performance and value.

With its stainless steel enclosure and advanced gasket system, the industrial-strength 480 is built for dirty, wet environments and demanding workplaces, inside or out. Advanced circuitry also withstands electrical noise, power disturbances and transient spikes that are common to industrial applications.

Rice Lake’s 480 is the industry’s first choice for readability. With its large, ultra-bright LED display, 0.8 inch digits and sharp contrast, the 480 provides superior display visibility. Its six-button tactile keypad allows for quick navigation and programming.

Connect the 480 to a printer, PC or remote display and make use of configurable print formats, time and date function, and local/remote capability.

Whether it’s used in heavy capacity or batching operations, the 480 powers as many as ten 350 ohm load cells in parallel. Engineered with Rice Lake’s advanced digital filtering, the 480 Legend Series promises top speed without sacrificing weight stability.


  • Large 0.8in LED Display
  • Time and Date, battery backed
  • Nema 4X/IP66 stainless steel washdown
  • Password protection for user and configuration changes
  • Operator functions through menu key for Audit Trail, Preset Tare, Unit ID, Accumulator, Time & Date, Setpoints, Serial Communications, and Print Formats
  • Two independent serial ports, RS-232 and 20 mA
  • Programmable ticket formats for Gross, Net, Accumulator, and Setpoints
  • Local/Remote operation
  • Hardware or Audit Trail sealed
  • Filter settings for light, medium and heavy noise
  • Selectable Conversion Rate and Display Update Rate
  • Eight Setpoints, sequenced batch engine