About Scales NW

Scales NW has a long, rich history of quality and excellence.

Powell Scales NW, Inc. is a major scale manufacturer which began operations in 1959 under the name Powell All-Steel Scales, Inc. Scales NW products are marketed throughout all 50 states as well as internationally. Scales NW has maintained the highest reputation of quality among the product users, and within the industry.

For over three decades, Scales NW has led the industry in The Weigh of Excellence! by offering a full line of weighing products and scales, as well as computer interfacing.  Scales NW offers a complete line of weighing solutions from laboratory weighing to railroad track scales.

Scales NW has furnished special application scales for steel mills, pipe foundries to weigh the hot pipe, and arena scales at livestock auctions. Since each scale is built per order, modifications are easily and economically accomplished. Scales NW builds scales designed to fit existing foundations where other brands have broken or become obsolete. Other manufacturers and distributors have discovered that Scales NW’s quality and versatility can complement their own product line.

Scales NW offers a complete line of weighing equipment & accessories, and a full range of construction, installation & calibration services.