Portable Bariatric Wheelchair Single Ramp Scale (350-5)

PRODUCT CATEGORIES: Medical/Health Scales


If a patient is unable to come to the scale, the Portable Bariatric Wheelchair Scale Single Ramp (350-5) can be transported anywhere it is needed. The 350-5 comes standard with Rice Lake’s own Motiontrap™ technology, capturing weight even when involuntary movement occurs. A generous ten feet of cable between scale and indicator further increases the Portable Bariatric Wheelchair’s flexibility in all medical environments. The anti-slip rubber surface and raised edges increase safety and reduce risk.


  • Capacity: 1000 lb x 0.2 lb (500 kg x 0.1 kg)
  • Platform dimensions: 34 in x 34 in
  • Anti slip rubber surface on platform
  • Two integral handles and wheels for ease of portability
  • MotiontrapTM (movement compensation technology)
  • Large 1 inch LCD display
  • Ability to manually enter the tare weight of a wheelchair
  • BMI (body mass index) function
  • Hold function
  • Unit of measure: lb only, kg only, lb/kg
  • EMR capable, USB
  • 10 ft cable between scale base and indicator

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