Stationary Livestock Scale – MAS-LC

Rice Lake’s MAS-LC provides reliable, accurate weighing for ranchers and processors that prefer a load cell based weighing system. This scale combines the accuracy of fully electronic weighing technology with steel I-Beam weigh bridge designs typically found in heavy capacity vehicle weighing scales. With a wide range of sizes, the MAS-LC is the right choice for any stationary weighing application.

20,000 Pound Capacity from 13′ x 8′ to 22′ x 10′

Racks & Gates

3″ thick wall tubing for the sectional uprights with 2″ horizontal thick wall tubing connecting the uprights. Powder coated 11 gauge steel plate above the structural I-Beam is 4 feet tall and ensures reliable containment.

Deck Construction

The shipping weights of the MAS-LC scales tell the story. This scale is not only one of the heaviest in its class; it is also extreme duty. Steel I-Beam construction using W 16″ x 26 lb per foot structural main beams with S 4″ x 7.7 lb per foot cross beams with 1.5″ x ¼” stringers between the beams. This weigh bridge is built to last a generation or longer.

X-Plank Flooring

This recycled product is made from discarded plastic and rubber that would otherwise crowd our landfills. X-Plank flooring never rots, is abrasion resistant and will not harbor bacteria and moisture like wood flooring. This environmentally friendly product is aggressive, with unmatched traction for animals when conditions become wet, yet wheel-accessible for testing and certifying.


Like all MAS series scales, the MAS-LC is certified for commercial use in both the United State and Canada. Certified scales are held to exacting design characteristics providing accurate weights allowing you to sell across the scale. Add a choice of digital weigh centers, printers, or remote displays and you will have an easy to use system that will provide years of proven performance.


  • Bolt-on racks and gates
  • Durable X-Plank flooring over steel I-beam
  • Solid 48 inch kick panel sides
  • Solid 48 inch kick panel gate
  • Spring loaded latch on gates
  • Scale collapses for shipping