Scale Services

We provide a variety of services for everything from regular scale maintenance to rental systems. Our experienced team of technicians handle installation, calibration and maintenance for every type of scale.

Downtime is critical when scales and weighing equipment are an essential part of daily operations.

Regularly scheduled maintenance can help ensure scale systems stay in proper working condition, but when disaster strikes, it’s important to know you can rely on experienced emergency support.

Our certified technicians calibrate and repair all brands and models of weighing equipment, including automated systems, instrumentation, printers, industrial scales, balances and specialty weighing systems. Our scale technicians have experience with a variety of scale systems and can provide preventative maintenance or emergency scale repair. In addition to certification in the states we service, our technicians are also MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration) certified to ensure we can help you keep your systems as safe as possible.

With multiple locations in Oregon, Washington and Idaho, our experienced staff is able to provide reliable scale sales and service throughout the Northwest and in parts of Utah, California, Nevada and even Alaska. Contact us if you have any questions and one of our certified Scales Northwest representatives will work with you to address all your maintenance concerns.

Foundation Construction and Installation

Our scale foundation construction and installation crews ensure your weighing solution is exactly what you need.

Whether you have a standard scale installation or you need a custom solution, our experienced technicians can install any scale brand or model from any manufacturer in our Northwest service areas.

Calibration and Maintenance

Scale calibration and maintenance are essential to keeping any weighing system operating properly.

Scales Northwest service vehicles are stocked with certified calibration weights with traceability to NIST to help ensure scale accuracy.

Our technicians are prepared to repair any brand and model of scale so your operations keep running efficiently.